jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Call of Duty®: Ghosts [MULTI] [RELOADED] [µTorrent]

Outnumbered and outgunned, but not outmatched. Welcome to Call of Duty®: Ghosts, an extraordinary step forward for one of the largest entertainment franchises of all-time. This new chapter in the Call of Duty® franchise features a fresh dynamic where players are on the side of a crippled nation fighting not for freedom, or liberty, but simply to survive.
Fueling this all new Call of Duty universe, the franchise's ambitious new next-gen engine delivers stunning levels of immersion and performance all while maintaining the speed and fluidity of 60 frames-per-second across all platforms.
Ten years after a devastating mass event, the nation's borders and the balance of global power have been redrawn forever. As what's left of the nation's Special Operations forces, a mysterious group known only as "Ghosts" leads the fight back against a newly emerged, technologically-superior global power.

In Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer, customize your soldier and squad for the first time. Level environments are more realistic and immersive than ever before, and now the Call of Duty App lets you stay connected to the game wherever you go.
Squads introduces a whole new level of competition to Call of Duty. We've taken the best parts of the Multiplayer experience and combined that with a cutting edge AI and our new mechanic of creating your own squad-mates. All the hard work you've put into customizing, playing, and prestiging your squad can now be put to use on a brand new playing field. You can also earn Squad Points and rank up your squad members for use in Multiplayer.

In Wargame, you can play on your own or cooperatively with up to 5 friends against an opposing squad of bots. Game modes will vary from Team Deathmatch to Domination to Search & Rescue, giving you the opportunity to hone your skills and strategies for different game modes and maps – the ideal training ground for online Multiplayer

-Squad V Squad
Equip your squad and head into battle against another human player and their squad. Squad v. Squad matches you up against another player of similar skill level and rank in a game of Domination, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed or Blitz. Level up your soldiers and create the ultimate squad to ensure victory.

-Squad Assault
In Squad Assault, you can invite up to 5 friends to play cooperatively as your created squad members, taking on another player's AI-controlled squad. Test your squad's skills against another player's customized team of soldiers across a variety of game modes.

Play cooperatively in a group of up to four soldiers taking on waves of enemy combatants. You start with a very basic load out and a friendly AI squad member that you can call in for support, and throughout the game, support drops arrive containing various weapons, perks and kill streaks to help you defeat the enemy onslaught. As each wave passes, the difficulty level increases, with 20 waves in a standard match, 40 waves in "Safeguard Extended" and unlimited waves in "Safeguard Infinite" - see how long you can survive.

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